Photo by Brandon Harder.

Since coming together in February, 2011 they have been honoring the tradition of storytelling through music. Their aim to bridge the gap between fireside tales, Metis kitchen parties and full on rock and roll while relieving the worries of the listener and lifting the souls of the down-trodden. They have been sharing their remedy in saloons, taverns, dives, bars, barns, basements and bedrooms developing their potency and flavour along the way. 

The result is a passionate, delicious blend of rocking, grooving, story-telling, and musicking that bites like a prairie rattler, goes down like a fine wine and tosses your inhibitions to the wind. The Snake Oil Salesmen, drink it in.

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The Snake Oil Salesmen grew up in the First Nations and small towns of Southern Saskatchewan, each band member coming from long lines of storytellers and musicians. They had all battled loss and pain on their own path and found some strange ​combination of emotion and song could briefly cure what ailed them. Their common relief was sobbing stories, screaming tales and finally singing their songs from whichever part hurt the most. The Snake Oil Salesmen drank deep the elixir of music and longed to share it’s healing.